Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Ciri Ciri kawan nak aku maok :)

• Jika engkau berbakti kepadanya, dia akan melindungi kamu;
• Jika engkau rapatkan persahabatan dengannya, dia akan membalas balik persahabatan kamu;
• Jika engkau memerlukan pertolongan daripadanya, dia akan membantu kamu;
• Jika engkau menghulurkan sesuatu kebaikan kepadanya, dia akan menerimanya dengan baik;

• Jika dia mendapat sesuatu kebajikan (bantuan) daripada kamu, dia akan menghargai atau menyebut kebaikan kamu;

• Jika dia melihat sesuatu yang tidak baik daripada kamu, dia akan menutupnya;

• Jika engkau meminta bantuan daripadanya, dia akan mengusahakannya;

• Jika engkau berdiam diri (kerana malu hendak meminta), dia akan menanyakan kesusahan kamu;

• Jika datang sesuatu bencana menimpa dirimu, dia akan meringankan kesusahan kamu;

• Jika engkau berkata kepadanya, nescaya dia akan membenarkan kamu;

• Jika engkau merancangkan sesuatu, nescaya dia akan membantu kamu;

• Jika kamu berdua berselisih faham, nescaya dia lebih senang mengalah untuk menjaga kepentingan persahabatan;

• Dia membantumu menunaikan tanggungjawab serta melarang melakukan perkara buruk dan maksiat;

• Dia mendorongmu mencapai kejayaan di dunia dan akhirat.

Friday, May 6, 2011

Happy Mother's day :)

Happy Mothers day mummm :)
i love youuu so muchhh :)
hey guys. this is my mum and i love her soooo muchhhhh
Azimah Badillah <3

Happy Mothers Day mum. Sorry i can't buy you anything but i just want you to know that i love you more than anything in the world. Have a great day! 

Happy Mothers Day Mum. i love you so much. Don't you ever change because i love you the way you are. You are the best thing in my life and i don't know what i would do without you. i just wanted to say Happy Mothers Day to my lovely mum.

i just wanted to say that my mother is the best mum in the world and she taught me to be the same.

she's soo beautiful for me :) she's the only one for me :)
it's all about her :)

You are so sweet and nice. You are loving and funny. i wish you have a nice mother's day.

We love you mum with all our hearts, thank you for bringing us into this world to be with you. We love you mum. Mum, i also want to thank you for the great siblings you have given to me.

Mum i love you so much. i know i have hurt you a lot as i've made so many stupid mistakes but i am really sorry. i come and lie in your lap but its because i miss you. These past few days seeing you hurt made me feel so weak and helpless because mummy i love you so much. i know i ain't the best daughter in the world but your the best mum anyone could ever wish for. i love you so much. Happy Mothers Day!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Kawan ? Sahabat ? Teman ?

kawan ade banyakk. mcm seyra.. seyra banyak kawan tapi entahlah kawan tu ikhlas ke tak. :) kalau lam kelas aku salu tegur semua kawan aku. :) tak tahulah rapat dengan sape :) tapi kalau lam kelas aku dok blah Phoebe :) 'persahabatan' dalam hidup aku mmg penting sangat. tapi entahlahh. aku rase lain lahh. tak penting ponnn.. tapi aku sayangg semua kawan aku :) jujur je lahh ehh. kawan paling aku sayang sangat Nurul Asmira Zulikawati :) cantek lahh diee :) mok ngga muka nya kah? *lelah ku kaka senanjung*
nahh tok lahh sahabat nak paling aku sayang :) 

dDek Moss K :)

Nurul Asmira Zulikawati binti Moss :)

haaa.. cantek sik cantek sik ??? nahh. kalah aku . aku sayang nya sebab ny jak salu dengar luahan aku *sik juak salu lah* :) aku knl nya dari darjah 3 *maybelah* so 8 tahun lebih dah mek2 knl :) time skolah rendah aku rapat dengan nyaa. rapat aluu. sama pengawas :) kkya lekak form 1 mek2 pisahh ;( ku gik ingat pa pdh nya time 1st form 2 ny mdh "kau org 1st ku carik 1st masok skolah form2 ya" yahh. emm. time skolah rendah juak aku rapat an Haslinda Bolhi :) mok ngga muka nya? hehe. cute :) bait and gila gila pange..

Haslinda Bolhi :)

haaa.. toklahh haslinda yaa. aku kenal nyaa lupak aie bila p mek2 lmk dh bkwn juakk. lucu nya tok bait paham aku and mcm2 ahh. :) aku sayang nya tok juakkk. 

sampe kinek tok kmk org 3 agik kwn :) cuma sik sama skolah jak. dak2 skolah teknik. aku kat smk bandar :) p persahabatan mekrg okey :) hehe. 


Wednesday, April 27, 2011

aku rindu kakak aku .. hmmm

aku siktauk pal tiba tiba jak aku nangis denga lagu 'ku ukir indah namamu' sumpahh ptg tok aku ng induuu alu an kakak aku ehhh :( aku rindu mok tengok nya senyum untuk aku. tetakk depan aku kaka depan aku. nangis depan nya. emm. aku rindu naa an nyaa pun teriak :D haha. lam umh salu nyaa mek2 salu teriakk kkya tetak bisin bisin jakk. :( lamak alu nggu ny mok balit ehh menaa lmk laa. bulan 6 cuti lak pun nya sekda balitt. hishhh. oiii aku rindu kakak aku tok ehhh :(

saya rindu kamu <3 :) 
mkrg sempat jumpa bulan 3 jakk kkya lmk aluu lahh sikjumpaa.. ishhh gamba gamba tok pun di Melaka 

tok time kat lua umah

tok time dekat dekat an kota Afamosa

she's sooo beautiful for me :) hehe. i love youuu Nur Qastina binti Halem :)

Tuesday, April 26, 2011


hari tok tek kan. aku balit jak skolahh aku on9 bha. dhya aku bukak inbox. :) siktauk pal aku happy ngga inbox. kali dh boirng gilak kali ngga wall dikpun :) hehe. esesehh senyum jak jak ku dari tadikk mcm org gila ehh :) sumpah mun ku dpt ny aku sikmok lepas ny ehh. :) lamak dh aku tok menyimpan perasaan dengan nya. cuma ku malu nak luahkan ajak. hehe. p malas ku nak berharap :) gkpun nya mcm fobia jak an cinta ;) cewahhh. sweet bhaa nyaa.. aku suka nya pun mukaa aie. aku sikmok mdh sapa laki ya ehh malu ku. lak kantoi lakk.. aku sikmok org mpuan nak salu bwall an nya ya nganok2 aku pa suma :) insyaallah mun da jodoh ku engkah muka ny lam blog k? hehe. kkya kann aku sakit perut bhaa.. k lahhh ya jakk ku mok pdh tek :)

for them

When friends are forced to be apart from each other for whatever length of time, it will be a difficult period for the two of them. They will be forced to go through their normal routines apart from each other. Each one may miss the qualities that the other contributed to the friendship. There is a saying that, "absence makes the heart grow fond". This may be an opportunity for each of them to realize how important each one is to the other's life. They will miss each other, and long for the time when they can be together again.

Our friendship got us through so many hard and difficult times,where is it now? the friendship ,the shadows of our past,the strenght that we need to carry on. memories give me the strenght I need to get me to you when the nights are bad and the days are long call to me and I will be there we said forever do you still mean it or u already forgt all about me? hm hey remember okey? i miss the times we walked and talked about our new life and i miss the hours we'd spend together :) ingatt sik ? aku bukan lah pandey in english :) hehe. i miss the fun that we shared together. ey i miss your smile it's cheered me up :) You’re such a pleasure in my life, I hope that you can see how meaningful your friendship is, You’re a total joy to me. Thank you friend, for all the things that mean so much to me for concern and understanding you give abundantly.


True friends never leave each other, even if one of them is walking on the wrong path of life. A true friend will try to correct the other in a way that it does not hurt the ego of the other friend. Friends don't mind when mistakes are pointed out; rather they try to accept it and change themselves for the better. True friends are those, who inspire others to become a better person in life. A number of inspirational stories are written, based on the theme of true friendship. They tend to inspire the reader. In this article, we have given a motivational story, based on friends.

Motivational Story Of Friendship

Two girls were best of friends, since their childhood. When they were small kids, they used to go to school together, play together and sometimes even stay at each other's places. They were next door neighbors and thus their parents were friends as well. The best friends graduated from school and went to pursue higher studies in the same college. Everyone knew that the girls were the best of friends. Nothing was hidden between the duo, because both knew each other inside out.

After some days, one of the friends found the other behaving in a very strange manner. She would remain withdrawn, sleep too much and turn violent, very often. At first, the other friend thought it was just the studies getting on to her. However, with time, she became even more moody and frustrated. Finally, her friend couldn't take it any longer and confronted her with the problem. She broke down into tears and confessed that she was going around with a guy, who was taking drugs and forced her to take them too.

The girl was not only forced to take drugs, but was also forced to bring money every now and then and was threatened with dire consequences, if she revealed the matter to anyone, even her best friend. Shocked by her story, the other friend consoled her. She then thought of a way to help her. Finally, she thought that she would come up straight to the point and tell her to leave this guy and get out of all the mess. She contacted the college counselor, who was a psychologist and narrated all the problem to her. She offered to help and said that matter would be kept under wraps.

The girl was then advised by her friend to leave this guy, as he was torturing her unnecessarily. Her friend reminded her of her dreams of becoming a successful professional, inspired her to set an example for others and reminded of what her parents would feel, if they found out what their daughter was up to. After a lot of persuasion, the girl finally agreed to leave him. She was given basic counseling and was weaned off drugs, with time. All this while, her friend never left her side and always stood by her.

Finally, they graduated and the friendship only grew stronger. They both went on to become successful professionals, but never let each other down by indulging themselves into bad habits. They lived happily ever after, as close friends. The story leaves the reader to think about the depth of friendship shared by the two girls. The moral of the story is that true friends are those, who inspire you to become the best you can ever be. They have full confidence in you. They would not leave you until your goal is accomplished.